Dr. Lee’s TeaForHealth® is known for its high antioxidant value – as much as 500% more EGCG than other green teas.  We often get asked about the shelf life of our tea.  The claim on our packaging is (7.1%) 710 EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), a powerful anti-oxidant.  After harvest, our tea is sealed in 4.4 oz vacuum bags with nitrogen flushing, which greatly slows the degradation process.  To make sure we observe the highest standards, we test samples of current and previous batches.  Our 2015 tests showed remarkable results.  Bags from as far back as 2009 stored at temperatures as high as 76 degrees still had a minimum of 8.71% EGCG.  That’s far higher than our standard 7.1% (710) EGCG claim.  So, if you have some older sealed bags that have been stored in relatively dry, cool conditions it’s likely that you will still get the expected value from drinking the tea.  That’s not to say that Dr. Lee’s recommendation of 3 cups per day should be ignored.  www.Tea-For-Health.com.