We sometimes get comments from clients that they are using another brand of green tea that is as good or better than Dr. Lee’s TeaForHealth. Maybe they have found a better price. We simply ask them to find out the EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate – a powerful anti-oxidant) content of that tea. We have also followed up ourselves by researching the companies they provide. Unfortunately, even when we’ve contacted those companies, to date, none have been able to state the EGCG levels in their product.
We are proud to state that our EGCG levels are never less than 7.1% and we believe that to be the highest standard of any green tea. Our tea is tested at harvest and again by an independent laboratory during packaging for to verify EGCG levels and to be sure the tea is pesticide and contaminant free. That’s how we know our claims are validated.